TCT spare parts

TCT began its business by delivering standard, non-standard and rolling mill bearings
to the steel mills in Eastern Europe.

Over time, the business expanded to include capital goods as well as spare parts.

For many steel mills and heavy equipment factories in East Europe today, the name TCT
is well known to be a competent and reliable supplier of machine parts, especially for
machinery supplied from the USA.

Our actual delivery spectrum includes:
  • Bearing and transmission elements,
    such as: slide, ball and roller bearings, axles and waves, couplings, gears and drives, belts, chain drives and others

  • Connecting elements,
    such as: bolts, brads, washers, screws, cotters, flutes and others

  • Elements for conduction of fluids and gases,
    such as: pipes and accessories, valves, piston valves, plug valves and others

  • Seals

  • Lubricants for industrial purposes

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